HeroPoints(tm) and QuestPoints(tm)


Now there is an all new way to be an Old Code Arcade Hero--with the Egsa HeroCard(tm)!
Egsa HeroCards and Egsa HeroPoint(tm) credits are purchased just like any other item in our store. Egsa HeroCards come it two types: Physical collectable limited edition cards and Electronic (Online) HeroCard Vouchers. You can pay for them using any standard payment method(s).

Once purchased or redeemed, the value of the Online Egsa HeroCard(tm) will be added as credits to your own personal Egsa Outfitters account. Much like a traditional Gift Voucher, if you have funds in your Egsa Outfitters account, you will notice that the amount can be applied against the cost of the items in your cart at check out.

Hero Points Reveal

Redeeming Electronic Egsa Gift Credits and Egsa HeroCards(tm) Codes.

If you receive Egsa HeroPoints(tm) by e-mail, your e-mail will contain details of who sent you the credits, along with possibly a short message from them. The e-mail will also contain a link to redeem these HeroPoints(tm). If you recieved a physical card, the instructions and a code will be found on the back of the card.  You will need to Login or Create an Account before you can redeem an Egsa HeroCard gift card or gift HeroPoints(tm). There are various ways you can redeem these points:

  • Redeem by Web -- Method 1: Simply come here to the egsaoutfitters.com or use the heroreveal.com page.  You will be requested to create an Egsa Outfitters account or Login, before the Gift Voucher is validated and placed in your Egsa Outfitters account and ready for you to spend it on great gear, games our whatever your adventure demands.
  • Reedem on Order -- Method 2: During the checkout procces, on the same page that you select a payment method there will be options to redeem your HeroPoints(tm) balance against that purchase. You may optionally exclaim, "Hero Reveal!" or give a heroic expression as you click the submit button.



Leveling Up with QuestPoints

For making selected purchases from the Egsa Outfitters you may also qualifiy to Level Up with Egsa QuestPoints(tm)! When you accumulate enough QuestPoints you can get selected gear and games for free if you have accumulated enough QuestPoints for the item of your choice.  Look for a QuestPoints Bonus score on store listings to see how much your purchase is worth. Look for prices in QuestPoints to see how many points are needed to get the gear you want!




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