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IGRI is the Indie Game Ratings Index.  Developed by Egsa SoftWorks and Egsa Press, the index allows games to be scored not only on common game content, but on average intended level of difficulty or skill. IGRI scores both traditional (pen and pixel) and video games.  IGRI is compatible with other rating systems. Games that have been scored using IGRI contain a more general consumer advisory in addition to any other ratings system. The IGRI advisory allows consumers to see the suggested minimum age threshold and the suggested skill for a game. While all gamers are different, this type of advisory may provide additional information especially when gifting games.

Sample IGRI 16+

Games marked "Best For" are games that ideally should be played by gamers of a certain age or higher. In the case of games where gamers may hold an identifiable world record or mark, the threshold has been set to a lower limit of 16+ regardless of content to protect privacy.

IGRI only for sample

Games marked "Only For" are games that should only be played by gamers at or above the indicated threshold. These titles feature an additional mark above the "Only For" to alert consumers that are unable to distinguish color.

Skill Levels

The IGRI score also includes an average estimated skill measure for the game.  These levels range from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced.  Novice game players are assumed to have little or no game playing experience or skill, while Advanced game players are assumed to be highly skilled and highly experienced.

IGRI Disclaimers

Neither the Egsa Outfitters nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials with an IGRI mark for any particular purpose. The IGRI mark is provided for general information and use only. It is sub change without notice.

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